I Stand With Paris.

peace paris

Last night people went out to do normal things, they went out for meals, went to a concert and I think that’s the worst thing about that. I’ve seen pictures of people my age coming out of the concert hall and that just hit me this is something I do monthly, these people were probably excited to see a band and never thought something like this would happen.

Paris is a city that I spent a good deal of my childhood holidays in, my Mum would take me there on a coach regularly, we’d go to Disneyland and then the next day go into the centre of Paris. I’ve seen the Eiffel tower, the streets and although I haven’t been in years the prospect of visiting excited me. I planned to take Ali at the end of this year, either this month or next but didn’t have the money to do it. I still can’t believe I watched last night as this unfolded in a place that brought me so much joy as a child.

The people of France are waking up this morning in shock and horror, not sure how to process what happened last night. I am grateful to hear from friends in the city that they are all safe, but I know others will have to cope with the loss of people they love. What I also know is that the people of Paris are strong, they will help each other get through this. They will stand up to these spineless terrorists, they will not let anyone beat them.

We all need to remember that we  cannot blame a religion for this, it is not the fault of religion. It is the fault of some disgusting and twisted minds who wanted an excuse, this is the fault of terrorism. I will not stand for my friends in the religion of Islam hated and being attacked for something they didn’t do and stand against, like the rest of us.

I stand with Paris and my heart goes out to you, the city of lights will not stay dark ❤