How I Unwind After A Long Day

How I Unwind After A Long Day

The only thing I want to do after a long day, particularly one in the city, is relax. I’m not the best person at relaxing…I’m actually quite terrible but there are some things I can do to help myself out.

Lush Bath

I love a good Lush bath to unwind. I’m always a big fan of something sweet as well as colourful, oh and glitter. I’m not afraid of glitter. Luxury Lush Pud below!

Lush Bath

Comfy Clothes

On with the pyjama bottoms and a baggy t-shirt. If I’ve had a long day, it normally means I’m quite achy too

My home is my space and I want to be as comfortable as possible, you’ll also find that my make up is scrubbed off my face at home.

Slipper Socks or Fluffy Socks

I’m a huge fan of fluffy socks or slipper socks, even better if they have woodland creatures on them (I have two fox pairs as I write this).

I’m always cold and not a big fan of regular slippers so these are a dream. Buy yourself a pair and you will never look back.

A Cup Of Tea

I have a mug that is almost as big as my face because I love tea that much. Getting a good cuppa and curling up is a very British way to chill out but it’s one of my favourite ways to do so. If you’re wondering, it’s milk and two sugars.

Mug and Socks

A Good Book

I’ll read at any time but it’s one of the very few ways I can really relax and switch off from real life. I get invested in the story, which is why I’m also not afraid to discard a book if I’m not interested!

It sounds cliché but I really can get lost in a good book. Everything else disappears and it’s just me and the story.


An early night does the world of good, and sometimes that’s all you need.

What helps you relax? I’d love to know below!

Me time

It’s no secret that most of the people around me know that I don’t relax. To me, being asleep is relaxing. If I’m feeling normal or on an excitable high I have to be doing something all the time. I work or write or sing or clean or read, I have to find something or I get bored quickly. I have, lately, gotten better at just doing things for me lately. I don’t know if it’s feeling settled and in control of my uni stuff or just after having a break at christmas but I can to an extent just sit back.

Don’t get me wrong I love my studies, some subjects are so interesting I could read and research all day being definitely keeno as Eleanor puts it. Over the last week or two though I’ve sat down and watched a film or read something just for me, thought about blogging more or tried to get some more lyrics finished. I’m still doing something but I’m doing it for me, rather than someone else. I’m not getting as caught up on work either, actually making sure I don’t spend the whole week working non stop, instead I go horse riding Wednesdays and I might work another day or two depending on what jobs are around and if I need the money.

It seems silly but I’m a little bit proud of myself for this, I’m a workaholic and I know I am. If I like what I’m doing I won’t stop, I’ll keep going and going and going until I crash. That’s the only downside to loving my job, degree and of course my music, I will sit for hours and not sleep as much as I should. So slowly I’m learning that me time is important too, even if it’s just one afternoon or evening and the assignments that are months away are not worth me stressing about.