Christmas Ads - The Real Feels

Christmas Ads – The Real Feels

The countdown to Christmas is on and one of the things I love about the festive season is the Christmas adverts. What used to be me waiting to watch them on TV at my parent’s house has evolved into me early waiting with Youtube at my side.

Now, I will say this year hasn’t been the most Christmassy for adverts (I’m looking at you John Lewis) BUT there have been some that I have adored. So, why not put my thoughts on the internet? I do anyway! For a heads up, basically the closer a Christmas ad gets me to tears, the better it is.

So, let’s get started:


An ad all about Mums and Daughters. It gave me the feels BIG time, I nearly cried. This is a beautiful and emotional ad. This is what I needed in a Christmas Ad.


John Lewis 

Ok, so I had mixed feelings about this Ad. I have absolutely loved the animal ones every year and was eagerly anticipating the one that made me sob like a baby. Instead, we got Elton John. I liked the idea and the premise of it but it just felt too celebrity and promotion for the Elton John film next year. Nevertheless, the final scene got me in the feels.



I really liked this. It was a little different with the art style, the music was beautiful too. The message was wonderful too, it takes so much courage to share your own creations. I love, love, loved this.




Someone give the marketing people at Barbour a raise! Is it Christmas if we’re not singing about walking in the air? I loved this so, so much! The Snowman is a key part of Christmas. It’s nice to see him back.



I’m definitely going to leaving out some carrots! This is the only advert I’ve seen with Father Christmas and his Reindeer. It’s magical, I love it.



Just because this one made me laugh so much. Well played KFC, well played.


This is it, this is the one that got me…possibly because one of my best friends lives in Australia. Family, Christmas and adorable teddies. This is the one for me this year.



Did your favourite make the list? Let me know below!

February Favourites!

It’s come around again it’s time for my monthly favourites!


This month I’ve read a fair amount (although maybe not as much as I’d like) and three books have stood out to me. The first was sent to me by Diamond Press, it’s called March and is a graphic novel written by John Lewis, a key figure in the Civil Rights movement, this is the first in a three-part series and I can’t wait to read the rest. Secondly is Here We Are, I reviewed this (catch it here) and raved about it because it is an incredible book, full of inclusion, intelligence as well as being fun! And finally, although I haven’t finished reading it, I am in love with Giovanna Fletchers newest book about being a mother. It’s not something I personally know anything about, being a mother, but I love the way Gi writes (I found her on her Youtube channel)  and it makes me feel better about the prospect of being a mother in the future.


This month was very Busted orientated, earlier this month Abbie and I went to see Busted live (again) on their Midnight Driver tour. I’ve listened to the album a lot this month it’s got an 80s vibe to it and a lot of great and upbeat tracks. Ed Sheeran also dropped a few songs this month which I’ve been obsessively listening to (while getting ready to go see him on tour later in the year). Last but not least two bands I’ve been listening to are Lower Than Atlantis and their new album Safe in Sound, I’ve also been listening to a band called Broadside thanks to my lovely boyfriend Ali.



After the move it’s been a quite quiet month in terms of any spending. Instead, I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping, particularly in Oasis’s where I’ve fallen in love with their latest pieces!


Yep, my viewing has been a little dark and very Netflix orientated this month. I wanted to start a new series and had heard great things about How To Get Away With Murder, so I started to watch. I also noticed that The People vs O J Simpson had been added, which I loved when it aired last year. Hopefully next months viewing will be little lighter!


I’ve really embraced Lush baths to ease the pain of my back which has produced some beautiful colours! I also received some lovely gifts after coming home including a swear word colouring book and flowers! On the subject of food I’ve been loving Tetley Boost teas and getting into my own baking! I’m also loving the new Powerpuff Girls range that Primark are embracing at the moment, I LOVED the Powerpuff Girls growing up so my Mum treated me to these. And finally my first gym session post injection, I was so proud of myself- read about it here.

What have your favourite things been this month? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!