Star Wars: The Force Awakens


After weeks of having Star Wars constantly on the brain today I got to put on my new jumper and head into a galaxy far, far, away. Yes, I got to go and see Star Wars: The Force Awakens today with Ali after booking what seems like a lifetime ago. I’ll say now this WILL NOT have spoilers, because I think that’s cruel to all the people who haven’t seen it yet. That and someone ruined a big plot point for me on Twitter and I have a special hatred for them that will last a lifetime.

Did I like the movie? Yes, of course I did. I was apprehensive before going in and kept reminding myself that this was a new film, new characters and just to enjoy it for that but as soon as the music started I had a chill down my spine and squealed. Of course it’s common knowledge that the original heroes are back and of course they were incredible (there’s no question about that) but I need to focus on the new trio.

Rey, Finn and Poe are going to be incredible through the next set of films, I’m calling it now. All three actors were absolutely phenomenal and were working with an incredible script that made you fall into the story seamlessly. The boys both had a brilliant on screen dynamic and really gelled I felt but it’s Daisy Ridley that I have to give a special mention to. She’s had minimal acting experience but there is no way that you would know, her performance of Rey was flawless and I’ve fallen in love with both Daisy’s character and her acting.


The only thing I’m still not sure about as I write this is how I feel about our new Dark Side. Despite all the promo Captain Phasma didn’t seem to be that much of a big deal to me, she looked cool but I don’t know how vital she is to the story. Additionally I’m not 100% on Kylo Ren as a villain at this point, I have a feeling that as the movies continue our new villain will be one of the greatest but I’m just not feeling it yet.

So I’ve left the theatre feeling a spectrum of emotions and my overwhelming feeling is that I need to see it again as soon as possible. The Star Wars franchise is very much back and I’m already obsessed over theories for the next film. Only a year and a half to go!



Tomorrow I will finally be able to see Star Wars after picking up these amazing books and devouring them in the last month they were a great build up. Each novel follows one of the trio on a different adventure set between movies. Smuggler’s Run follow’s Han on a rescue mission across the galaxy, The Weapons of a Jedi shows Luke on his training to become a Jedi and in Moving Target, Leia continues to try and thwart the Empire.

As much as I’m excited to see the new movies and get to know Rey, Fin and Poe the original heroes will always have a place in my heart and so following them on these new adventures (which apparently also have hints in about the new movies) was brilliant. It also takes you right back into the world and the ways of the characters. I will say that each of the characters has been incredibly well written to match the movies.

While the books are marketed at children and young adults there is absolutely no reason that an adult wouldn’t enjoy these. They’re fast paced, exciting and can also leave you guessing while enjoying some of the traits of your favourite characters. That said, I felt like the Leia book especially showed a side to her which didn’t come across in the movies.

All of these got 4-5* reviews on my Goodreads account they’ve been very well written and more than anything got me so excited for the new movies. If you like these there are also more tie-ins being released over the next year, including one that will be released tomorrow about Rey, Finn and Poe (find it here).

Remember to check back in tomorrow to see what I thought of The Force Awakens!!!