Paid Internships Exist! Starting my job as a Social Media Coordinator

We all know the problem with finding a job right? To get the job you need experience, to get experience you need a job. Now I know like the rest of the student population it can be ridiculously hard finding any kind of work experience/ internships. Today I was lucky enough to start mine!

Before getting super into social media I thought about going into teaching or magazine journalism. Now most of the time you need to ‘volunteer’ in schools so I did that under a scheme which luckily made sure I got a bursary payment as I was promoting the university. As for magazines, I am get to find a paid internship that are above minimum wage (seriously try travelling into central London and living on minimum wage while looking good enough to work at a magazine, nope, not happening). So I’ve always been a little cynical about becoming an intern, it’s something that more well off people seemed to be able to do, not people like me. Not any more!

Ready to start this morning, trying out my new lipstick too! 

I applied for the position because firstly, it was paid, secondly, it’s something I’m interested in and thirdly I thought I might as well. I felt like I had a good build up and some experience that would get me an interview, but did I think I’d get it? No. I really didn’t. Although the interview went well I hadn’t had a proper sit down interview for a few years (they’ve all been group interviews for my last few jobs) and there were some questions to make me think. I left and tried to put it out of my mind, knowing that I would know by the end of the day. Then I got an email saying it would be at least another day, maybe more. At this point my spine was still making me sleep almost all the time so I didn’t think too much but the longer it got, the more I thought I hadn’t gotten it. So imagine my surprise when I got the email offering me the job and it would pay a little under what I’m earning as a Student Ambassador.

It was decided I’d start after going to Athens, fine by me seemed like aaaaaagggggeeeeesss away. Nope. Today rolled around and I had everything ready, woke up early, played with the hamsters but I was SO nervous. I couldn’t remember what medication I’d taken and didn’t want to take it again so I was flapping about that. I ended up going with just paracetamol for my back (in hindsight a BAD, BAD idea.) I was worrying, what would people think of my brace? Could I really do this job when I only have 400 followers? I was so nervous/ daydreaming once I got on the bus I nearly missed my stop altogether.

I shouldn’t have worried, I was very well looked after. I was introduced to everyone in the office, a lot of people happened to recognise me from the KU Talent Awards. I’m slowly learning peoples names but I think it will take me a while. I’ve been set up with a staff account, I’ll be getting a staff ID card and can use the canteen…god I’m such a dork. Everything was gone through slowly and my new boss is fab, she’s open to ideas as long as I have reasoning! I’ll also be able to meet some of the fab guest speakers we have coming up (beyond excited).

So I’ve really landed myself a great opportunity, doing something I love. I will still be a Student Ambassador and International Ambassador too! This is just something that is more specific to a career path if I decide that I want a break from academics. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

I wrote a post a while ago about being brave. This is it. If there aren’t any opportunities for what you want to do then go make some. Start a blog about your interests, do research just because and don’t give up. I never, ever thought I could be an intern and be paid a decent amount, whilst being treated like one of the team. People think that I just get given these opportunities sometimes but, I really don’t I work very hard and stay connected with people, it works!

I hope you all enjoyed reading today ( I know it’s been a long one!) and if you have any questions let me know below!

A taste of the magazine world.



Over the weekend and for the past few weeks I’ve been looking at and applying for internships, on the recommendation of a friend I tried a website called The aim is to give people opportunities to go into the fields of work and get them the experience they need. Lucky for me there is a lot of media job on there, perfect. 

As a lot of you know I was planning on working at a uni event for most of the summer, when I found out that I hadn’t gotten it a lot of summer internship positions had already closed so I felt a bit stuck (here is where I wish I’d known about Go Think Big earlier this year). So I applied for a few of the placements and skills days, one of which was the Speed Networking with Closer magazine, a women’s weekly. 

I know what you’re thinking. Me? Magazines that are aimed at women? This must be a joke. Let me assure you I was so nervous walking into the building (after getting lost quite a few times too may I add), the girls in there waiting were very pretty and stylish and I was…well I was me. I had visions (as we most people do) of being thrown into a Miranda Priestly office and quizzes. Luckily my The Devil Wears Prada nightmares were laughable because the staff at Closer are some of the loveliest people I’ve met. 

I was lucky to have not missed the email to say I’d been accepted and it was a rush to get into central London in time. I’m so glad I shook off that nervousness I had felt when I got the email this morning, the worry I’d make a fool of myself. 

The experience was something incredibly special, I got to speak 1-1 with loads of staff from the magazine and got a great idea of what it would be like as well as some knowledge of contacts in the industry. I had fun, met some great people and now have a good idea and a buzz to apply for loads of internships and work experience placements, starting with Closer. 

This is the great thing about uni, I get to work out what I want to do. Don’t get me wrong I still want to be a musician, I still want to get my masters (although maybe studying part time instead of full time now)but this is something I could do as a job to support me while tackling the other things at the same time! 

I’m really grateful for today and I can’t wait to get stuck in and apply for work experience placements which could hopefully lead to an internship when I graduate! Today’s been a really exciting day and just what I needed to get the creativity flowing even more!