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Sunday Seven: Pancake Toppings;
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Sunday Seven: Pancake Toppings

I cannot control my excitement that it’s finally pancake day this week! I absolutely LOVE pancakes, they’re easy to make, delicious and there’s a whole day to celebrate them. Here’s some ideas for toppings this week! Have a sweet side? Ice Cream, Double Cream and syrup might hit the spot. Feeling the American way? Maple …

Sunday Seven: This Weeks Favourites;
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Sunday Seven: This Weeks Favourites

Hello and welcome back to Sunday Seven because I’m now well enough to sit and think of seven things without getting confused and stressed. Ah the wonders of the human body. For the majority of Sunday Seven’s in the future it’ll be a round of up my favourite things or things that have interested me …

A job, a hair cut and ice cream!;

A job, a hair cut and ice cream!

Today was a very good day… I got the job! The money is very good and I have more info to look into it I’m so excited it was a total confidence boost 😀 Other than that after an uncomfortable trip to the hairdressers I finally got my hair cut with a God of a …

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