A certain little lady




There are three little girls who are important to me. My sister (who isn’t actually that little any more, my cousin Lola (who is apparently very much like me when I was her age) and my God daughter Alexia, Lexi for short. I see Summer and Lola usually whenever I come home, I always see them on their birthdays and Christmas. When it comes to Lexi I’m not as lucky.

I’ve been friends with Lexi’s mum Lucy since I was 11, when I constantly forgot her name and used to call her ‘frizz’ because of her hair. It is because of this I first met Lexi when she was 2 weeks old, I fell in love with her and well, it never stopped. I got texts for all her firsts, collected her with Lucy when we finished college and LOVED to babysit if Lucy needed it. Lucy managed to get through her exams and then final year of college and then go on to study law at university, taking Lexi along with her. Out of all my friends in Basingstoke I think that saying goodbye to Lucy and Lexi was the hardest. Even at times when me and Luce weren’t that close (we’re both quite fiery with strong opinions) I always cared about Lexi. Imagine how excited I was when we arranged to meet today? It’s been about 2 months since I last saw them. I was nervous, last time I met up with Lucy and Lexi it took her a while to warm to me again, today that wasn’t a problem I got so many cuddles and giggles, it melted my heart.

So why am I writing about this cheeky little toddler on my student blog? She’s a big part of my life and so is her mum, who is also a student. Lucy manages a toddler with just her student loan, how she manages I don’t know. Actually how she does uni and be a mum at the same time slightly baffles me, but Lucy gets on with things, we’re quite similar like that. Although we’re fairly different we have fun together. I’ve always wanted to make sure she’s still Lucy too, not always Mummy! Even if nowadays I can only give her a couple of minutes while I chase Lexi around the library. I also happen to show the pictures around the office at work whenever I get the chance, who doesn’t say aww at that beautiful face!

The rest of the day was spent with family and right now I’m exhausted, whether that is to do with a certain toddler or not I don’t know. Whenever I see her I think a lot too, I’m a long way off from having a family of my own, and Lucy fully understands and respects that. Sometimes though I look at the adorable little curls, the way she cuddles her mum and I just melt a little, but don’t worry my faithful followers there will not be any growing of small people for a long time yet!