Day 3: Shopping with Small Businesses this Christmas

It’s easy at Christmas to go to a big retailer and do your gift shopping in one hit, but you can do something even better. You can get a unique present and support a small business. Twice a year I attend my local Dolly’s Vintage & Artisan Fair  these fairs this fair supports charity and has a lovely community atmosphere.  I picked a few of the wonderful stalls to share with you.


My New Fave 

I’m a big fan of My New Fave. They make the most adorable earrings, broaches and more. These suit a quirky and outgoing styles. I personally picked myself up a pin of a Lurcher/Greyhouse and I am in LOVE with it. It’s something I’ve never found before.


T’s Cutting & Crafts  

This is the first time I’ve met T’s and I’m so pleased I did. There are some brilliant pieces on this stall I particularly liked the, ‘too glam to give a damn’ pouch.


Frith Friends 

How cute is little Hector?! This is a wonderful shop and there is a definite love of foxes, which drew me to it. The stall also had some beautiful hand painted necklaces AND fairy dust necklaces.


Wonderland Leech 

These are adorable and I love all of them. It’s the first time I believe I’ve seen this stall. As well as these plushies there were some necklaces that were really original (also pictured) and hair clips.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 21.28.14

Primrose & Mabel  

I’m obsessed with these notebooks. All of these designs are done by hand before being put on all the stationary you could ever love. Just me? Ok. Anyway these are truly beautiful and there are so many designs.


Buttercups & Beautiful Butterflies

I might be slightly biased because this is my Mum’s stall but look at these glasses, which are all hand decorated. I’ve seen how much time and effort goes into running a small business, hence while I want to support them.


Do you have some small businesses for me to check out? Leave them in the comments below!


Sunday Seven: The businesses you don’t know about, but should

Today I attended Dolly’s Easter Fair in Old Basing, Hampshire.  During the fair I met some wonderful small business owners and wanted to share them with you all, each include a link to find out more about their products and where to buy them. I wasn’t asked by any of these to host on the blog, however, I feel they deserve it!


Whiskey and Ginger Candles 

These are gorgeous smelling soy candles. Each candle comes in a brilliant size that is sure to burn for hours, they have also got rave reviews online.

My New Fave

I am in LOVE with the jewellery from My New Fave. Necklaces, Rings, Cufflinks and more are all here. They are beautifully crafted and at a good price.

Dolly’s Beauty Parlour 

Not only am I impressed by the wonderful style, Dolly’s Parlour creates the 50s look of your dreams! She uses cruelty-free beauty products and a lip stain with some of the best colour I’ve seen, available from Le Keux Cosmetics. Worth a look for weddings, parties or just for fun!


Juliet Andrews Candles

Now, these WERE a treat! I picked up a chocolate orange smelling candle today but could have easily bought one in every scent. Just some that I remember were Popcorn, Strawberries and Cream, Gingerbread, Baby Powder the list goes on!

Bunny Hop Crochet 

These were absolutely adorable and looked brilliant. There was even one about Unicorn Farts, on the cuter side there was also family portraits and other adorable creatures.


Siobhan Louise Textiles 

This is an absolutely stunning hand painted box from Siobhan Louise, the detail on this is incredible. She also makes cushions, mugs & more.



Buttercups & Beautiful Butterflies 

And finally my wonderful Mumma’s business. Papercrafts, wedding decorations, flower wands, cards and earrings. There is no limit to what my Mum can make with card, pop along to her Facebook page!


To find out more click on the links below each picture! What are some of your favourite small businesses? Let me know in the comments below!