Heading To The Aisle: 1 Year To Go!

This time in 1 year I will be a married woman getting ready for her reception after saying ‘I Do’ to my favourite person…whaaaaaat?! It feels absolutely crazy that we’re down to the one year mark. Despite how organised I apparently am, I’m still feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed about getting things sorted in the next 364 days.

That said, I also feel a little more settled in what I want for the day. My guestlist has been cut down to people I care about, I’ve sorted colours, the venue, the band and other big stuff and I’m on the hunt for my dress.

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people getting engaged (congrats if that’s you!) and a lot of WHERE DO I START posts. That was 100% me, as I explained in my real talk post. I did wonder if I should have written it but now I am so glad I have because I was how I felt at the time! Nervous and overwhelmed by other people’s expectations I’m slowly letting go of what other people think or want which is so refreshing.

Now my focus is to get everything paid (eek), sort out our honeymoon to Disney World, Orlando obvs and get the finishing touches sorted so it’s not a totally crazy and stressful year.

So 365 days to go…not that I’m counting or anything! 😉

So many countdowns…

Here we have it, we are finally at the 1st of December, so many things to count down to. There’s the obvious count down to Christmas (24 days) , the count down until the end of semester (12 days), the count down until all my work is due in (nope, not counting that one) as well as various other things I am counting down till this month. I’m at home at the moment and if I’m honest leaving is going to be a little hard. I miss feeling comfortable around people, being in halls is hard work sometimes.

I don’t know how erratic my writing will be this month, there is so much to do meals to plan, presents to buy, packing to do as well as the damn assignments. I’m hoping everyone else feels this panic so I might actually get a little bit of sleep. You have to remember though this month has one daily treat. I think my advent calendar(s) might just get me through all the stress this time…

The essay countdown

There is a point that every student gets too, the dreaded essay countdown. Now mine isn’t for another few weeks, unfortunately Ali and Ben don’t have that luxury. I got the bus up to Kingston Hill expecting to meet Ali as he was just finishing his essay, that wasn’t quite true and Ben wasn’t finished either. So we watched the clock as the hours ticked down and got to work, I hate to say it but at times I was like their mother. It worked though, by the time I got my bus at 10pm both of the boys had finished and submitted their work now I’m hoping I can call back the favour in a few weeks when my clock is ticking. Surprisingly though it was such a nice time, we might have been going through essay structure all night (a blessing and a curse, luckily I quite liked helping the boys) but it was fun. I was thinking about doing a little top tips thing but I can’t really do that until I’ve submitted my own, wish me luck!

Can I also mention the lack of pictures is because of my broken phone! More to come soon!