How I Unwind After A Long Day

How I Unwind After A Long Day

The only thing I want to do after a long day, particularly one in the city, is relax. I’m not the best person at relaxing…I’m actually quite terrible but there are some things I can do to help myself out.

Lush Bath

I love a good Lush bath to unwind. I’m always a big fan of something sweet as well as colourful, oh and glitter. I’m not afraid of glitter. Luxury Lush Pud below!

Lush Bath

Comfy Clothes

On with the pyjama bottoms and a baggy t-shirt. If I’ve had a long day, it normally means I’m quite achy too

My home is my space and I want to be as comfortable as possible, you’ll also find that my make up is scrubbed off my face at home.

Slipper Socks or Fluffy Socks

I’m a huge fan of fluffy socks or slipper socks, even better if they have woodland creatures on them (I have two fox pairs as I write this).

I’m always cold and not a big fan of regular slippers so these are a dream. Buy yourself a pair and you will never look back.

A Cup Of Tea

I have a mug that is almost as big as my face because I love tea that much. Getting a good cuppa and curling up is a very British way to chill out but it’s one of my favourite ways to do so. If you’re wondering, it’s milk and two sugars.

Mug and Socks

A Good Book

I’ll read at any time but it’s one of the very few ways I can really relax and switch off from real life. I get invested in the story, which is why I’m also not afraid to discard a book if I’m not interested!

It sounds cliché but I really can get lost in a good book. Everything else disappears and it’s just me and the story.


An early night does the world of good, and sometimes that’s all you need.

What helps you relax? I’d love to know below!

10 Reasons Autumn Is My Favourite Season!

Call me basic if you must but I LOVE Autumn. I think it’s the best season and I’ve said it so many times! Each of the season’s has something wonderful about them (although once Christmas is over, I’m done with Winter) but I’m going to give you 10 reasons why Autumn is the best.

The colours of Autumn! 

Just the header of this picture is enough for me. Beautiful oranges, reds, yellows. I love going for walks in Autumn and watching how the colours change. It is a truly beautiful season.

Cosy jumpers 

All of them. Big chunky knit jumpers. Do I really need to explain why?

Scented candles and Bath Bombs! 

I’ll be hitting up Lush for their Halloween specials, having a lot of lovely smelling baths and being glittery from them (of course). Then there are gorgeous candles with Autumn scents, I found some great ones in local discount shops last year as well as my local Yankee Candle shop. The house is going to be smelling BEAUTIFUL.


I love the fun side of Halloween, btw. Pumpkins, fun playlists, lots of sweets, dressing up. I’m not into horror films but give me a witches hat to chill out in every day of October and themed socks.

Hot Chocolate

I absolutely love Hot Chocolate. It’s something a little bit different and I can go to a coffee shop with friends and it’s not weird when I don’t order coffee. Also all the new flavours come in, I’m not a pumpkin girl BUT I get very excited about the Costa varieties.

Spending rainy days under a blanket

All the blankets, with a good book or good TV, is there anything cosier? This might just be me, I really, really like blankets.

Autumn style 

It’s boot season! Is it me or do boots make every outfit look better? Also there’s mustard yellow everything, thick tights and oh did I mention boots? I honestly look my best in the autumn those colours are my go to in life!


Socially acceptable book reading instead of going outside

No one will judge you for wanting to spend time at home when it’s rainy and cold. Give me allllll the books people!

Firework night

I know this isn’t one for my followers outside the UK, but we have Guy Fawkes Night every year. There’s bonfires, fireworks and I just have the best memories of bundling up in coats, hats and gloves and going to watch the big display we used to have in my hometown. I love the smell of a bonfire.

The countdown to Christmas! 

Winter doesn’t officially start in the UK until the 21st December, so the Christmas countdown is officially part of Autumn! I love getting ready for Christmas, watching the lights go up, buying gifts for friends and family. Eeek!

An Autumn walk along the Thames


There’s not much for me to really say in this post because this picture really says it all, the beauty of autumn. I think I’ve decided that autumn is now my favourite season, back into jeans, jumpers and ugg boots, parka jackets and popping in for a hot chocolate. Today though it was simply a walk along the river with Ali and his Dad, Philip. I think I’ll be doing this walk quite a few more times with camera in hand.

Everything needs to slow down!


Everthing is going so fast. There are so many things that I need to do or say or think about at the moment and overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now. I’ve been tried since Sunday and I’m trying really hard to be positive but little things are knocking me at the moment. Today hasn’t been out of the ordinary waking up, shower, lecture, mental health mentoring appointment again after feeling naff. The problem is there are so many things that are stressing me out at the moment it’s not the simple case of sitting down and working through a problem logically.

You all know I’m a fan of lists so here is one of all the things that are going on now first year is ending



-Awards Show

-Starting a new job

-Lack of sleep

-Finding somewhere to live

-Missing my family

-Getting the band ready for a big announcement

-Scholarship worries

-Driving worrys (still haven’t passed)

– Rude People and people expecting too much

No one said uni was easy, I don’t think I’d like it as much if it was but with everything that could possibly be going on happening at the moment I think I’m allowed to be a little stressed at the moment. I feel like a giant clock is sitting above my head and every tick makes me a little more stressed. Should I be stressed? No probably not work wise, I’ve done 90% of it, it’s just one module that I care a lot about which has me stressed and worried even though I’m told I shouldn’t be.

So what did I do to calm down enough to sit down and write this you ask? I spoke to my mental health mentor, made a few calls to get on top of things and I took some me time and not in a way I noramlly would. I went into my kitchen, leaving my phone in my room, and I started to cook. I wasn’t cooking to eat any of it, I just prepared meals for the next week to be frozen and it actually made me eat. It ended up being a kind of therapy I was so focused on cooking I cheered up, I felt on top of things again. Then I just curled up and watched a film while putting some finishing touches to my essay.

Like everyone else, sometimes I need things to slow down, I need to slow down. It’s harder because with my anxiety my mind is racing constantly, it doesn’t stop and then when the depression takes hold of this I start thinking of the worst thing that could happen. I’m getting better at recognising what I need and apparently cooking is something that can help…news to me! Either way I’m working on it, I hate sounding negative but sometimes I just can’t help it. Recording tomorrow..let’s see if that works!