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Growing Up With Paramore

Friday night I was lucky enough to go and see Paramore for the fourth time. I’ve been a Paramore fan since I was 13 years old and coincidentally since I met Ali, but Paramore isn’t about just that.

I think everyone has a band or artist that impacts their life, for me that was, and still is, Paramore. Hayley talked a lot on stage about how the band and fans have grown up together and it made me think, a lot about what the band meant to me. If I’m honest, I got a bit emotional.

When I was that 13-year-old who first heard Riot I was just getting into my own identity and working out, as a teenager, who I was. A friend recommended this band, Paramore. I loved it and I loved the lead singer she was short, a redhead with a big voice. She was everything  I wanted to be.

I listened to Riot on repeat and I met a boy that I really liked. I waited for Brand New Eyes to come out and it was like nothing I’d ever listen to. I fell in love with each and every song and they made sense. Brand New Eyes came out in 2009, it was around this time I was struggling with Depression, it hit me hard and that album got me through, The Only Exception became ‘our song’.


Couple Paramore 2010, 2013, 2014, 2018

When Zac and Josh left the band, I was devastated, I thought the band I loved was over. And then the singles came out, and then ‘Paramore’. At first, I didn’t get it, it seemed petty, it didn’t measure up to Brand New Eyes, all of these thoughts went through my mind. Then my band broke up, I was leaving for uni and the unknown. Suddenly it all made sense. The lyrics, the music it all made sense. My heart soared and it felt like the music held me together for the next few years.

Then another album and another part of my life, ‘After Laughter’. I’d graduated I was an ‘adult’ now but things weren’t going to plan. The single ‘Hard Times’ was released on the 19th April and it seemed to be the perfect thing for me, I’d lost my job 2 weeks earlier and graduate life wasn’t great. I listened to that song obsessively, again the tracks made me feel a little less alone, a little more capable. Then the album came out and ‘Rose Coloured Boy’ and ‘Fake Happy’ became my anthems.

Hayley was right the other night when she said we’re not the same people we were when ‘Riot’ was released and ‘Misery Business’ was all I listened to on repeat. I felt so many emotions watching. I was proud of this band and proud of myself for overcoming so much shit in the past 10 years and still being able to smile.

This might be fangirling, might be OTT but I really feel like I owe Paramore.

What band is it for you?

Paramore, Paramore, PARAMORE


Ali and I at Paramore 2013, Wembley Arena! 

Three years ago a self conscious redhead headed to the O2 Arena to see Paramore for the first time with her lovely boyfriend. They had just released their third album ‘Brand New Eyes’ and I was hooked. I first got into Paramore at the age of 13 (just before I met Ali actually!) and from the first time I listened to ‘Riot’ I was hooked. For some reason Hayley’s lyrics spoke to me and as cheesy as it sounds every album has helped me through various stages of my life. I wasn’t lucky enough to know about them when ‘All We Know’ was released, although I do still relate to those songs. For me ‘Riot’ was something else, here was a girl with beautiful orange hair (I’d always been a fan of gingers) who could kick ass and write great songs and as for the musicians? I couldn’t get those riffs out of my freaking head. I wanted to be in a band and partly that was because of Paramore. It wasn’t until ‘Brand New Eyes’ was released I could see them live, as a present my Mum ended up buying me and Ali tickets, I don’t remember specifics but the night was amazing and it made me love them even more. I came back from that concert with no voice what so ever, this time I thought I’d make the same mistake.

Now I was skeptical about this concert. I had read so many interviews that were Hayley based and seen videos where she was the center of attention, was this the Paramore I knew and loved? No it wasn’t I loved knowing about all five of them and I was worried that since the Farro’s left the show might feel empty. After running for multiple trains (damn busses again!) we finally arrived at Wembley (finally calm after my mum phoned ahead to check we weren’t going to miss them, we got there in plenty of time in the end) got our T-Shirts and waited for Paramore to begin. Before this was a support act called Charli XCX who in my opinion didn’t fit in with what we had paid to see. I began getting excited, all they had to do was put Hayley’s box saying ‘Paramore’ on the stage for the whole arena to start screaming and chanting. I turned into a fan girl. All my worries melted away as soon as they came on to new song ‘Grow Up’, a personal favorite of mine. Ok so the stage looked like there was a little too much room as the three of them ran about and Hayley’s new look was..different. As the show carried on you could see why people had made such a big deal. Hayley spoke with open honesty and you felt like they all cared about you. You could see how much the fans meant to them and how much fun they were having and they didn’t shy away from what had happened. I’m not ashamed to say I cried because this was music that had got me through so much and here was my idol telling us what they really meant. There was nothing lacking in ‘Paramore’ if anything you could feel how much they had grown up and together, especially in the little snippets where they played Ukulele it was damn adorable.


Three of my heroes, they’ve still got it


I will always be a ‘Parawhore’ 

My favorite part of the show? It’s not every night you see Wembley Arena transformed into the night sky by fans who feel like your family. ‘The Only Exception’ was incredible and even Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor were clearly shocked and grateful for the response. The song had meaning for me because I was standing with the man I loved again to the same song and more in love than ever. I couldn’t see Paramore without Ali it’s just become our thing really. We laughed, we danced, we got all sweaty and I don’t know if I can speak for Ali but I got that breath of fresh air in me that made me ready to record. As Hayley said ‘What ever you are going through, you’ll get through it. If we’re standing up here, you can get through whatever it is’ and I believed her, For All That Goes may be over but be damn sure you’ll be hearing about No People Club the new songs are amazing. I hold on to the feeling that music can transform your entire life. So here it is Paramore, I want to say thank you in advance.