Book Review: How to be Champion – Sarah Millican


Champion: adjective, BRITISH, informal dialect. 
Excellent. “‘Thank ye, lad,’ the farmer said. ‘That’s champion.’”


As my last review of the year (how we got to this point I don’t know) I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favourites of 2017 and, considently, it’s by one of my favourite comidians. If you live in the UK you’ve probably heard of Sarah Millican, personally, I think she’s a national treasure, she’s also hillarious. Sarah’s first book is a mix of advice, memories and humor. A winning combination.

I’ll point out that I bought this book on the day I lost my job, I needed cheering up and of course this did it. Sarah covers absolutely everything and anything. She talks about ‘the’ dress, growing up during the miners strike, divorce, bullying and how she came to be a stand up comedian. In total there are 43 chapters that cement Sarah as a writer as well as brilliant comedian.

The best thing about this is that it feels like you’re just reading about a friend, Sarah is brilliant at this. I read this so quickly and at the end of each chapter Sarah tells us, based on her experience how to be champion and it’s pretty good advice for life such as ‘see bad times in your life as experiences’ and ‘Be yourself or else you’ll have to keep up the pretence for ever. Unless you’re an actor, then do the opposite’. See, good advice.

I gave this 5 stars. I absolutely loved this book and absorbed it. I’ve always found Sarah Millican to be super relatable and this book just extends that. Of course it’s incredibly funny and something that I’ve recommended to absolutely everyone because it does make you feel good. Of course I gave it 5 stars, add it to your christmas list, you won’t regret it.


Book Review: What Would Beyoncé Do?!


‘When life gives Beyoncé lemons, what would she do? Make Lemonade’ 

Luisa wasn’t exactly where she wanted to be, nearly 30, working in a temp job to pay the bills and trying her damned hardest to be the comedian that she knew she could be. This is a story of hard work, determination and pulling down your trousers, yes I’m serious. She might seem like an overnight sensation but Lusia has worked her way up, fallen flat on her arse at times and come back fighting, because that’s what Beyoncé would do.

I picked this up because I kept seeing it around, I’d heard it was funny and had a good feminist kick to it. Sign me up. Before reading I hadn’t seen the show (I since have and LOVED it), this was devoured within 24 hours because not only is Luisa funny, she’s the kind of girl I want to be friends with. Luisa doesn’t leave anything out and packs a punch, sharing the lessons she’s learnt.

Now, you might expect a side-splitting read, you’ll get that (it’s even better as an Audiobook) I laughed a lot, but you’ll get a lot more than that. You’ll get moments of HELL YES GIRL when Lusia talks about the expectations on women, the politics of being a ‘female comedian’ and talking about body positivity. On the other side, however, Luisa talks about her family life, which wasn’t easy, about what it was like to be the ‘weird polish kid’, her own struggles with depression and her brother’s suicide attempt.  There’s no filter on her life and she tells it as it is.

On a personal note, I needed this book right now. I needed to see someone who felt a little lost, who had dreams that people didn’t think would happen, someone who was honest about it. I needed someone to talk openly about what it’s like to live with depression as a young person when everything seems to be going so well to the outside world.

I loved this book and I now class myself as a firm Lusia fan. It will take you through every emotion but you will finish with a sense of freedom to talk about anything and everything. I won’t put the pressure on Luisa to call her a role model, but she’s funny, smart and kick ass, that’s the kind of lady I want to listen to and you will too.

Note: Luisa and her family after facing a difficult time her mother,a woman who is prominent in this book, has Cancer. Luisa has stopped all current work to be with her Mum if you can please donate to support Luisa and her family as money is the last thing they should be worrying about, I will be donating tomorrow. To help Mumma O, click here.

7 Reasons Sarah Millican is one of the greatest comedians around


On Friday night I went to see the opening night of Sarah Millican’s Outsider tour. I’d never seen her live before but had laughed a lot after watching on TV so when I could get tickets I snapped them up. I’m so glad I went, Sarah was absolutely incredible and hilarious. For tonight’s Sunday Seven I thought I’d tell you why I think Sarah is so great and if I could I’d go see her again on her tour Outsider (there are still tickets available, just nowhere close to me!).

She’s funny without being mean   

I love comedy and have been to quite a few shows now of different comedians but Sarah isn’t an arsehole about other people, which is a nice change. She’s hilarious but doesn’t need to go after other people in her routine. Total respect.

She’s honest about body image


People have been awful to Sarah in the past but she’s honest about how much she doesn’t care. When I was watching her show I just felt so much better about myself and my own body image. When you put on weight people can be cruel but Sarah wasn’t having any of it, if you want cake, eat cake.

She’ll stand up to the media and be still be classy af

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 16.25.37.png

When the media and Twitter trolls mocked Sara for her choice in dress for the BAFTA awards she didn’t get angry and take everyone down, she wrote honestly about her feelings then decided she didn’t care and wore the dress again. Classy af.

Her accent. 

The Geordie accent is one of the best in the world. End of.

She talks about IBS 

When she started talking about IBS I was so happy. It’s something that is embarrassing and ‘not cool’, does Sarah care? No. I just wanted to stand up and shout YES SARAH ALL THE IBS LOVE but, you know, you’re not supposed to do that.

Her pets are her world 


I loved hearing about her pets and how hilarious they are. From one pet lover to another, I salute you.

She’s the best with her audiences 

Again, she’s never mean and calls her audience members Pet and Flower, as well as giving out free badges on tour. What more could you ask for