Late night hospital visits and being looked after


The current state of my wrist that’s getting darker

So after writing that quick post to say we were getting evacuated last night things to a turn and became quite dramatic. After I writing to you all I popped to my friend Jen’s to have a wee (although we ended up talking and I never got there). My signal dropped out but I wasn’t concerned would wouldn’t be properly evacuated, come on! Apart from the 3 missed calls from my flat mate saying ot ge tback we were all being evacuated for the night, it was Carbon Monoxide.

No one really seemed to know what was going on, we were going to be re housed for the night in Seething Wells. That was the first no no I was anxious as hell it was nearly midnight and I was expected to go to a strangers flat and they couldn’t give us any info about when we were allowed back. I called Ali and he said I could stay with him (although waking him up was a bad idea, he resembles a bear when he’s woke in a bad way). The one proble was I’d started to feel weird and sick so to be on the safe side Jen recommended I call our emergency but not emergency line 111, while her lovely boyfriend Ben carried my bags down the stairs.

Long story short I was told to get to A&E to be safe and after dragging Ali out of bed we were sat in Kingston A&E department and I could not stop shaking. Niether of us like hospitals or needles so the blood tests were fun. I’ll admit I burst into tears but it was just going to be a normal blood test right? Wrong it was going to be one from my artery…that took at least 5 attempts to find it, from my wrist, it felt like my skin was being pulled off at times and I bruised within 2 minutes. Then another test after because they hadn’t gotten enough blood followed by an ECG. Honestly all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep.

Luckily I was discharged and ended up walking 15/20 minutes back to Kingston Hill with Ali which despite everything was actually really relaxing. It was quiet, birds were singing that or my sleep deprived mine was going off on one! We got back at around 3am and I slept like a baby. Right now I’ve had about 6 hours sleep and it’s nearly midnight.

I know this has been a long one and that’s only last night! I went to mentoring, alerted the main student accomodation services and was finally let back in the flat. After that driving, getting my suitcase again and an invite from Jen and Ben to make me dinner and keep me company tonight. So I’m shattered but things could have been a lot worse. Now, to bed!!!

Evacuate! Evacuate!

Aside from the internet continuously cutting out I’m having to write this from the halls common room. I’ve only been back at uni for a few hours and an alarm kept going off. We’ve been evacuated from the flat for a possible Carbon Monoxide leak and I’m not sure when we’ll be allowed back, there’s talks of us being relocated tonight… Hopefully I’ll be able to update you all later.