Why I’m not a beauty blogger!


Hello there!

Today I thought I would talk about beauty blogging and why it’s not happening on this channel. Now I want to start off saying that I admire beauty bloggers for what they do, I know some great ones! So this is not a thing against beauty bloggers they’re great, all done.

Now back to me, why don’t I want to be a beauty blogger you ask? It’s not that I don’t want to it’s that I ┬áhave absolutely no idea about it. I’m not really that girly, I don’t know much about make up. While most girls were playing around with make up at school (and telling me I’d look ‘so much better’ with make up…erm thanks? I guess?) I was kind of just applying a lot of eyeliner and hating the world.┬áSo the older I got I played around with my Mum’s lipsticks, a lot more eyeliner and that was about it. I acquired some blusher and bronzer at some point later from a christmas present. So I had all these odds and ends, no idea about makeup at all and still couldn’t really apply what I had.

Let’s fast forward to my first year at uni most of the girls around me had whole routines and expensive make up. I just kind of looked on it awe at the girls around me. So off I popped to Boots with a bit of cash expecting to know what to buy, how hard could it be? Oh my god I had no idea at all what to buy. What does any of it mean, matte, shiny what, what?!

Now I’m 20 years old, and I’m slowly getting up there with the big boys. I can kind of do winged eyeliner, cover up the spots that used to make me really sad and I have some to die for MAC lipstick, oh and there’s less eyeliner…much less eyeliner. That said, sometimes I still go out and look a little orange from too much bronzer, I still don’t know what half of the makeup counter does and don’t even start me on contouring….all I see is colouring your face. Sorry!

So there you have it, that’s why I’m not a beauty blogger, I don’t have a clue! That and I’ve never wanted to be someone who feels like they can’t go out without make up? I’ve never wanted to rely on it like that, I want to have the choice. How about you guys? Any other 20 somethings with hardly any make up skills?!