10 Reasons Autumn Is My Favourite Season!

Call me basic if you must but I LOVE Autumn. I think it’s the best season and I’ve said it so many times! Each of the season’s has something wonderful about them (although once Christmas is over, I’m done with Winter) but I’m going to give you 10 reasons why Autumn is the best.

The colours of Autumn! 

Just the header of this picture is enough for me. Beautiful oranges, reds, yellows. I love going for walks in Autumn and watching how the colours change. It is a truly beautiful season.

Cosy jumpers 

All of them. Big chunky knit jumpers. Do I really need to explain why?

Scented candles and Bath Bombs! 

I’ll be hitting up Lush for their Halloween specials, having a lot of lovely smelling baths and being glittery from them (of course). Then there are gorgeous candles with Autumn scents, I found some great ones in local discount shops last year as well as my local Yankee Candle shop. The house is going to be smelling BEAUTIFUL.


I love the fun side of Halloween, btw. Pumpkins, fun playlists, lots of sweets, dressing up. I’m not into horror films but give me a witches hat to chill out in every day of October and themed socks.

Hot Chocolate

I absolutely love Hot Chocolate. It’s something a little bit different and I can go to a coffee shop with friends and it’s not weird when I don’t order coffee. Also all the new flavours come in, I’m not a pumpkin girl BUT I get very excited about the Costa varieties.

Spending rainy days under a blanket

All the blankets, with a good book or good TV, is there anything cosier? This might just be me, I really, really like blankets.

Autumn style 

It’s boot season! Is it me or do boots make every outfit look better? Also there’s mustard yellow everything, thick tights and oh did I mention boots? I honestly look my best in the autumn those colours are my go to in life!


Socially acceptable book reading instead of going outside

No one will judge you for wanting to spend time at home when it’s rainy and cold. Give me allllll the books people!

Firework night

I know this isn’t one for my followers outside the UK, but we have Guy Fawkes Night every year. There’s bonfires, fireworks and I just have the best memories of bundling up in coats, hats and gloves and going to watch the big display we used to have in my hometown. I love the smell of a bonfire.

The countdown to Christmas! 

Winter doesn’t officially start in the UK until the 21st December, so the Christmas countdown is officially part of Autumn! I love getting ready for Christmas, watching the lights go up, buying gifts for friends and family. Eeek!

Sunday Seven: Best Things About Autumn


This week welcomed the first day of Autumn, which I was stupidly excited about. I absolutely love Autumn, it’s my favourite season of the year, because the sun can still be shining but it’s also great to snuggle up with blankets, books and tea. To honor the amazing season finally coming around this weeks Sunday Seven is dedicated to the great things to look forward to in Autumn.

Going back to Jumpers, Scarfs and Hats! Come at me! 


Although I am prone to losing a hat or a scarf sometimes I absolutely love getting snuggled up and I can wear chunky jumpers to work with some tights and a nice skirt, SO much easier to be comfortable and look good in the Autumn.

Lush’s Halloween and Christmas Ranges Are Out! 


I’m a HUGE Lush fan, Autumn is my favourite time of year for their products with two new lots of seasonal items. After popping in to get some Pumpkin Bath Bombs yesterday, Abbie and I will be heading back next weekend when their Christmas range hits the shop! I’m also planning a trip to their Oxford Street shop to pick up some exclusives! To see the whole range (which is going to take most of my bank account) go to their website.

Hot Chocolate, Lots and Lots of Hot Chocolate


Mmmm, mmm, mmm.

Morning Sunshine 


Crisp air and August Sunshine makes getting up that little bit easier.

Comfort Food 


Pies, Stews, Cakes, ALL THE FOOD.

Onesie and Fluffy Pyjama Life 


I’m a huge onesie fan. I have more than I’m going to admit and there’s nothing better than a good pair of Primark chunky PJs on a cold night.

Bonfire Night (UK only) and Halloween  


In the UK we have Bonfire Night. It’s a night full of Fireworks, Bonfires and Sparklers. I have so many fond memories of being wrapped up in layers and heading to the local War Memorial Park with my family to watch the town fireworks, sadly it’s been cancelled this year due to costs. That said Autumn also brings Halloween! Although this year it’s on a Monday, which means I will be eating sweets and waiting for Trick or Treaters!

What are your favourite things about Autumn? Let me know in the comments below!

Hello September! Welcome to third year!

I’ve made it! I’m slightly slower than I was last year but I can’t believe that this month I will be starting the third and final year of my undergraduate degree! It’s absolutely crazy that I’m at the last chapter already, people used to tell me it would fly by and I rarely believed them, but I should have. I’m excited and terrified to be getting back to uni at the end of the month, but that’s not the only reason I should be excited that it’s finally September, oh no! This month is going to be incredible and I’m almost climbing the walls that so many positive things are starting this month such as –

  • I’m going to Amsterdam in 5 days! Yes I’m finally getting to do my little bit of travelling with Amy and Dani as my birthday treat to myself. I’m going to be a dork and go to a load of museums and galleries as well as the Anne Frank House, which is what I wanted to visit since I was a little girl!
  • I’m running my own Freshers Fair stall. This year I won’t be aimlessly walking around finding something to sign up to, I’ll be trying to make sure people join the horse riding society! Although I probably won’t be able to ride for the whole of the academic year it’ll be great to help others enjoy the sport.
  • Not as exciting but I’ll get to see a Neurosurgeon this month to have a spine check up and hopefully some good news
  • It’s soon going to be my FAVOURITE season, Autumn, bring on the hats, scarves and Hot Chocolate!
  • I’m playing Freshers! Yes! This week we were asked to play a show at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston during freshers week, hopefully it’ll be super busy and a great night to play!
  • I finally get some kind of routine back! It’s been quite difficult this summer without a routine, so I’m hoping that my mood will go back up again once I’m around people and have a schedule.
  • Oh and just to mention IT’S MY 21ST BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH!!!! I’m so excited to finally be hitting 21 and have some great things planned as well as a night out with some of my best friends 🙂
  • I finally get to go back to uni. After having 6 months off of lectures I am 100% ready to get back to studying, I’ve actually kind of missed it over the summer and I’ll be applying for my masters soon, Eek!
  • It’s the Rugby World Cup ❤

As you can all see September is going to be an absolute blast! I’m so excited that it’s finally here and I’m going to be enjoying every minute of it! I want to take the chance to say thank you to you all for reading alongside my time at uni and assure you that just because I’m in my last year of undergrad does not mean the blog will be finishing!! I have a lot of great ideas ahead!

An Autumn walk along the Thames


There’s not much for me to really say in this post because this picture really says it all, the beauty of autumn. I think I’ve decided that autumn is now my favourite season, back into jeans, jumpers and ugg boots, parka jackets and popping in for a hot chocolate. Today though it was simply a walk along the river with Ali and his Dad, Philip. I think I’ll be doing this walk quite a few more times with camera in hand.