Dear Gary Barlow

Dear Gary Barlow,

Well this is a letter I didn’t expect to write, hello! Being the Twitter addict I am, I came across the garyforACB2015 hashtag and what better way to persuade you to do it than a blog post.

I don’t know if you know about Nicola, Ian and The Lullaby Trust. I first came across them on This Morning a few years ago talking about the death of their baby boy Alexander. With no warning signs, nothing they could do, a perfectly healthy baby boy was taken from not only his brothers but also his siblings, including his twin brother. There is still no known reason for this. That is incredibly sad but Nicola and Ian did something incredible, they started The Lullaby Trust and Alexander’s Ball a yearly event that raises money for vital research.

So today on Twitter you said you wanted to play three weddings, that’s great (it might even persuade my Mum to get married haha!) but I think this is something spectacular and obviously so do the Twitter community with the amount of retweets. It’s not just a great charity but another reason you should consider (if you need another) is that this year would have been Alexander’s 10th birthday! Although it will be tinged with sadness, especially for his family, we should celebrate for not only this little ¬†boys life but also for all those around the world who got their wings early.

So come on Gary, what do you say?

Chloe Metzger and the rest of twitter are waiting for an answer!