Sexy Potato? Ana-Rexia? What’s happened to Halloween!

sexy potato

Tomorrow is Halloween and after an invite to a party I went on a mission for a costume and I was let down, a lot. After searching I realised that any costume that was for a woman was ‘sexy’ or even if it didn’t have that label it was a lot shorter or showed a lot more skin. I was even sent the above picture of…a sexy potato. Now I know this is a joke but it kind of shows the extremes of what people are willing to promote as ‘sexy’, which leads me to my next costume.


This is the ‘Ana-Rexia’ costume, yup just like the other mental health costumes that have shocked the world, this is the one that some idiots came up with this year. As I read earlier an anorexia survivor said ‘why not dress as a vampire or a zombie because two thirds of us will end up dead’. I felt sick when I saw this was a costume, especially the way it’s presented with a measuring tape a super thin model and again she’s trying to be sexy.

Deluxe-Ghostbusters-Costume Sexy-Ghostbuster-Costume

So I moved away from anything traditional too because I couldn’t be a vampire, devil, witch, zombie or anything without getting my legs and or boobs out. I couldn’t even buy a vicars costume for a party without it being 2 sizes too big because it was ‘for men’. So I moved on, I’d been invited different things over the weekend so I thought I’d look up some great movie inspired costumes. Male Ghostbuster, just like the movie something you could, you know, bust ghosts with. Then I looked at the women’s…just skims the bum and boobs are fully out oh and an adorable little backpack, no. The Princess Leia costume was similar to the film, oh apart from the giant slit up the side which nobody would be fighting the Empire in. Every princess outfit that wasn’t over £50 was the same model, boobs out, butt out.

I don’t know what’s happened to halloween but I can assure you that I won’t be a ‘sexy’ anything this year. I’ve got a makeshift costume on hand and I don’t feel like I need to get anything out to feel good about myself or to have fun at Halloween. I hope you guys also have a great Halloween and dress up however YOU feel comfortable!

Something chocolaty this way comes…


Ok so the plan tonight was to put my robe on, head out to a party and be more than a little bit hungover tomorrow. Seeing as I’m writing this you can all work out that it didn’t happen. I do love Halloween, even more when I’m in the US *cough* Mum and Dad *cough*, Tonight though I knew the drill, cheap drinks, expensive entry, awful chat up lines and long queues. Until this morning I was totally up for doing all that and having fun, then I thought about it and I honestly couldn’t be bothered after being up early for work today and having a load of stuff to do tomorrow.

I do slightly wish I was out tonight but at the same time I know it wouldn’t have done me any favours. I’ve had an exhausting week and my moods are just starting to become stable again after almost a week of dropping in the first place. Luckily the boys don’t seem to mind, Ali likes the company and the girls all have their own plans.

I do have loads to look forward to, other than the pile of chocolate and sweats I bought with the money I was going to use for tonight. It’s Ali’s 21st in 2 days!!!!! Then Joe’s and then I can finally start a real Christmas countdown. Taking it one step at a time, but so does having an excuse to buy bags of chocolate 😉

Happy Halloween folks! However you’re celebrating!

A different kind of Halloween…

Many of you will have headed out to Halloween parties tonight dressed as many different things (hopefully not as a slutty pumpkin, sorry I couldn’t leave out the How I Met Your Mother reference). I, however, spent my Halloween a little differently to how I normally would. After going to the kids party last night I decided to be a good big sister and cousin and watch them at Tae Kwon Do. It was just my luck when we arrive that they said they would be playing Halloween games most of the night instead, brilliant. So I spent most of my Halloween night in a car park with my Mum trying to get used to driving again. 

In other more interesting news I got my nose pierced today, with my friend Sammy by my side, to match my new hair colour. I’ve wanted to do this for quite a long time and to answer what seems to be everyone’s question, yes it did hurt. I quite like the way it looks though despite having to wipe blood from my nose every 20 minutes, who knows maybe this is the start of a new, slightly more rebellious, me! 




The beautiful Sam and I before I had my nose done. Image

My beautiful new piercing and smudged eyeliner from my eye watering after…