The Fault in Our Stars



My fan screening pass 

I’ve waited for well over a year for one of my favourite novels to be made into a film. Now I’m normally very untrustworthy of books being made into films, it’s rare I’ll like a book as much as a film. I haven’t just been pleasantly surprised tonight, I’m excited and I’m heartbroken and that’s just how I wanted to feel after seeing this film.

I am incredibly privileged to have been able to see this movie and a staff Q & A as a part of the fan screening along with a poster and the fan screening pass in the picture above. I went with my friend Rhys another huge John Green fan. Oh and a load of pre teen girls…. I think we were the oldest there who weren’t parents.

Every part of this film was done perfectly, the music, the actors, the writing absolutely everything.  I couldn’t have asked as a fan for a better film adaptation. I can’t rant and rave about it enough and I can’t wait to go and see it again. One tip though? Don’t wear any eye make up there is one point the film where everyone and I mean everyone had tears in their eyes or was openly crying.

Read the book, watch the film and just enjoy John Green’s incredible talent.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

It’s rare you’ll find someone who loves Harry Potter more than I do. I’ve been collecting for the past 10 years so imagine how excited I was when at Christmas dinner I found a ticket for the studio tour in my cracker! The tour was incredible and I’m so grateful my parents booked it. So much detail went into those films that people don’t realise. I’ll admit as a super book fan I got frustrated when things were left out but seeing everything today left me in awe of their talent. Here are some of my favourite pictures from today. Oh and I bought a wand for luck,it’s a copy of one that belonged to  ‘the brightest witch of her age’, who taught us all it’s okay to be smart

DSC00132 DSC00174 DSC00182 DSC00213 DSC00240 DSC00255 DSC00256 DSC00257 DSC00269 DSC00350 DSC00358 DSC00364 DSC00369 DSC00431 DSC00484 DSC00486 DSC00491 DSC00497 DSC00498