I know, I know. I’m holding my hands up and admitting that I have been an awful this weekend with keeping up with my blog, with Twitter with everything really BUT there is a good reason I promise you. As my regular followers know I’ve been struggling with my spine and depression and just stuff in my life generally so I took some time away to focus on myself. I had a show to play in Basingstoke anyway so it was the perfect time to try and recharge.

The car was loaded up on Friday with all the band stuff, Rhys and Dan and I was honestly just so pleased to go home, see my family, my dog and meet the cat. I also wanted to just be able to relax at home, I love my flat and living alone but sometimes you need to just be around people who want to look after you and make you food and tea.

The show was really great, especially after we ended up headlining and my friend Lucy came down and I haven’t seen her in SO LONG. It doesn’t matter how long me and Luce are apart we just slot back in together and laugh, knowing we’ll always be there. My Mum and Dad came too and I even managed to stand up through two songs! With the way my spine has been in the last month that’s a huge deal for me.

I got to chill out a lot with my Mum, my sister and little cousin which just made my heart happy. We got hot chocolate, walked around town and just spent time together before I went home to a new love in my life…


This is Ed, my teeny tiny kitty who has become one of my best friends. This little dude is batshit crazy and now either sleeps with me or outside my room so yeah we’re buddies now and he is so pretty, so, so pretty. If you want to see more pictures of Ed follow me on Instagram because I get a little obsessed whenever I go home because he does so many cute things, like falling asleep in my arms. All of the awws. And for good measure here’s a picture of my beautiful pup too.


Then I had to leave my lovely cuddly pets to drive back with Ali for another show and although I intended to blog last night but was in so much pain and so tired that I just collapsed into bed (so much so that I woke up late this morning and had to launch myself out of the door to get to physio on time).

So there we go I’m given myself a bit of a recharge I’m back, I’ve made a list of what I’m going to do on the blog this month and I’ve only got a week of uni then a few things to do before I go home for a week and a half and can try and relax. The important this is I’m back, I’m going to be writing and it’s all good!

Thanks everyone!!



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