Seeing the Vamps with Sums


It’s not every night you go to a show feeling super old! Tonight my sister finally got to see The Vamps, her christmas present from me. The show was full of screaming teens and pre teens with a very strange mix of music. I don’t mind the Vamps, they seem nice enough and all play their instruments quite well so it was nice to see that instead of the synchronized dance robots that my sister normally watches.

As usual Summer was her absolutely crazy self, although she refused to be a ‘screamer’ and actually laughed at the girls who did. Danced to all the covers the band did and shocked me by knowing the lyrics to My Chems ‘Teenagers’ (another cover I really didn’t expect).


I love taking my sister to shows, admittedly I like the rock shows much more, it’s great to be able to treat her and just see her fall in love with live music the same way I did (our Mum has been taking us to concerts since we were about 5 years old).

All in all, I may be wincing right now from my back but I really enjoyed spending time with my crazy sister. So I’m off to bed and hoping the hamsters won’t keep me up too much.

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