Kicking off birthday week.

So, birthday week has kicked off! With yesterdays cupcake class done (and me shopping on amazon for pieces to buy so I can make more) and I headed into work for a reasonably normal day and ended up finishing earlier than planned, result! Which meant going off to meet Joe for a surprise present…I’d heard a bit about it but had no idea.

So off to Spoons (as usual) to talk about all manner of things, some you should talk about loudly in a pub, others you probably shouldn’t haha. Joe had handed me something on the way it was light and he’s decorated it in pretty pink paper…thanks dude!

The result was something that took my breath away a hand drawn portrait of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter. Something that had taken so much time, effort and careful consideration. Apparently it had a few emergency’s as well…it shows how loved I am. No, not in that way he’s my best friend and there is no attraction between us, that’s laughable.

I’ve left a close up below so you can all appreciate how outstanding it is and what an incredibly talented artist Joe is (he was turned down for an art course believe it or not…no I can’t see how either). I can’t believe how much work has gone into this. It now has pride of place on my bedroom wall, as it should do.




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