The one armed bandit returns

I am writing this at a ridiculously slow speed for me. My plans for edits and tonnes of writing have been slowed because the one armed bandit has returned. After one of the best weekend of my life I spent the majority of last night in my local A&E department with a suspected broken wrist. After a lot of medication, X Rays and and a half hour wait I was sent home with a splint but the doctors are still worried it may be fractured.


Looking lovely after a lot of medication in A&E last night



This isn’t unusual for me, I’ve had suspected fractures before as well as crutches and slings. From a combo of being clumsy (like yesterday), medical stuff (knees) and bullying I might as well have my own room at the hospital! Now I have to wait and see if they call, its a supected fracture or ligament damage. 

The main problem I’m finding is that its slowing me down and it bloody hurts. I cant write or type at normal speed, can’t drive for at least a few days or maybe weeks! Not the best thing for the summer!I will continue uploading as much as I can but bear with me!

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