5 ways to procrastinate

As you can all guess by this post my day wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be. According to some of my lecturers this is an inevitable part of writing. So here are five things you can ‘get on with’ while that essay is waiting.

The television is now your best friend 

When else can you catch up on all 10 seasons of Friends? 

Go to the pub 

A few beers will DEFINITELY get those creative ideas flowing…  

Worry about said assignment while not actually doing it 

How will I pass? I’m never going to get this done? Why are there no words? WHERE DID MY BRAIN GO

Cook more than you need 

Because food might just give you the energy to carry on…. 

When nothing else is quite working you can always Snapchat everyone you know… 

Now you’ve finished reading this you should probably go start that assignment, good luck! 

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