So many countdowns…

Here we have it, we are finally at the 1st of December, so many things to count down to. There’s the obvious count down to Christmas (24 days) , the count down until the end of semester (12 days), the count down until all my work is due in (nope, not counting that one) as well as various other things I am counting down till this month. I’m at home at the moment and if I’m honest leaving is going to be a little hard. I miss feeling comfortable around people, being in halls is hard work sometimes.

I don’t know how erratic my writing will be this month, there is so much to do meals to plan, presents to buy, packing to do as well as the damn assignments. I’m hoping everyone else feels this panic so I might actually get a little bit of sleep. You have to remember though this month has one daily treat. I think my advent calendar(s) might just get me through all the stress this time…

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