The return – part one

This morning I woke up after not sleeping, today my boyfriend was coming home from a long weekend in New York. I got up and I waited and waited for him to come home. I love the fact that he’s home now and our holidays are over. We move to uni on the same day, he will be at the top of Kingston and I will be at the bottom, closer to the centre. Although he’s only been away four days it was a bit of an eye opener for me, he supports me a lot especially on my low days. This weekend however he wasn’t really a phone call away (have you tried to call NYC from London lately?) so if I had a low I had to deal with it myself and I did. It was hard and it sucked but in a way it made me be more open with people at the same time it made me make plans to avoid being alone at a time where I would be sad. 

Enough about all that though now he is home we can start getting ready for uni and getting excited and tomorrow there will be another return. I have to be at the airport for 6am to pick up Ali’s older sister Claire who went travelling across Asia for the last few months after graduating. Seeing her jet off across the world on her won had an impact on me. I cannot wait to start travelling and I’ve been saving up to take me and Ali to Rome next summer for his 21st birthday the following November! 

So I’ll update you tomorrow if I don’t pass out in the evening!! 


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